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Professionally-recorded 8-disc audio CD set.

The Bible has much to say to parents about how to effectively raise godly children. The Kingdom Families Series will ground you in these biblical truths, giving you the biblical tools enabling you to go beyond having “church kids” to having young men and women of God filled with passion for the Lord and with dedication to actively build the Kingdom of God.

This Series is much more than just theological concepts. It lays the theological framework, but emphasizes how you, as a parent, can practically walk out God’s plan for child training. Around the U.S. and in foreign countries, whole families have literally been transformed by the implementation of these simple, yet powerful truths.

The Kingdom Family Series is designed to help you understand…

1) Choosing the Right Path

There are many ways to raise your children and many voices saying “this is the right way.” Which route are we going to choose? Who are we going to believe? And what are the consequences of our decisions?

2) God’s Plan for Discipline

God has given us a clear and effective plan for using loving discipline to bring our children to a place of freedom. This is a balanced, biblical approach which goes beyond behavior modification, to obedience from the heart.

3) Practical Aspects of Discipline

This session covers the “how to’s” of discipline. Extremely practical, it takes you step by step through the entire discipline process.

4) Why Your Discipline Is Not Working

Eight common reasons that your discipline has not produced the results you thought it would and should. Revelational truth that will change your discipline forever.

5) Leading Your Children Into Devotion

Part 1 – Encouragement; Prayer; Family Devotions

6) Leading Your Children Into Devotion

Part 2 – Sowing & Reaping; Encouragement; Extra-Curricular Activities

7) Leading Your Children Into Devotion

Part 3 – Don’t Water It Down; Developing a Vision; Encouragement; Not Too Young

8) Leading Your Children Into Devotion

Part 4 – Equip Yourself; Encouragement; A Good Marriage; Training vs. Teaching; Be Godly Examples

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