Foundations of Eldership


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As a sought-after speaker for pastors’ conferences in nations around the world, Myles Sweeney frequently speaks on the blessings that come from establishing a biblical eldership team.

When done correctly, eldership teams help to bring a continual flow of God’s life and power into the local church.  This includes the peace and power of unity, the establishing and communicating of the church’s vision, the effective oversight of ministries, the development of future leaders, and the stability and protection of the long-range health of the church.  Drawn directly from Myles’ teachings for developing elders in the network of Grace Ministries International, this small book is not interested in being a compendium on the topic of elders.  Its goal is simply to establish the practical aspects and functioning of eldership within the local church.

“I read this book in one breath. I have followed Christ for 40 years, have been in leadership for more than 28 years, and now oversee more than 30 churches, and I have never read such a profound book on church eldership. The churches he is overseeing are the best functioning churches that I have seen, and I have seen many. I would have loved to have had the wisdom in these pages shared with me 30 years ago.”

Pastor George Michailov
Christ’s Evangelical Church, Lovech, Bulgaria

“This book is not based on theory, but on experience. I have known Myles for more than 25 years, and having worked closely with him, I have seen the success he has had in developing the elders within his church, as well as assisting other churches in doing the same. Don’t just read this book, use it as a guide to bring your elder team to a new level of understanding, commitment, and service.”

Pastor Mike Rod
Grace Community Fellowship, Brenham, Texas

“The leadership ingredients and relationship principles laid out here work together to bear the marvelous fruit of healthy churches. Pastors across Ukraine have benefited greatly from learning these truths. But even more powerful has been observing them in action across the GMI network of churches. I am grateful for the wonderful model that we can follow.”

Pastor Sasha Ozeruga
Church of The Living God, Vyshgorod, Ukraine